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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT and Qt Creator

At 01:30 PM 12/15/2009, Tim.Kelly@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
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There's three main things I filter from the Symbian engineering comments that are more generic (from my experience as a Symbian developer and Carbide developer):
1) Eclipse start-up is too slow. This is becuase we load all projects in the workspace - always. Qt Creator and Visual Studio don't load projects on start-up, rather they ask what you want to do before loading anything.

You can tell Eclipse not to load anything and instead prompt:

   Window > Preferences > General > Startup and Shutdown > Prompt for workspace on startup

But the granularity is at the workspace level. I.e., with nothing loaded, you load a workspace, which may have 100 projects. If you want finer granularity, you need to split up your project into multiple workspaces.

Yes. This is not exactly what QT Creator and Visual Studio provides, but the general idea of what you're asking for is there--just with a different usability flow.


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