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[cdt-dev] Question about source lookup


In the context of linux tools project (, I've made my own CSourceNotFoundEditor (

I've made that, because when viewing gprof profiling result, there is no debugger active (so I can't use CSourceNotFoundEditor). I've added a "Locate File..." button, allowing the user to choose a C file in the filesystem. Moreover, this button adds a new MapEntrySourceContainer in sourceLookupDirector.

It works fine, but unfortunately, MapEntrySourceContainer is an internal class. Therefore, a warning is issued at compile time (see

So, my question is the following:
=> Is there a way to implement this feature another way, to avoid such warnings ? => If not, is it possible to add a public API in CDT, to allow access to MapEntrySourceContainer ?

Many thanks

Xavier Raynaud

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