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Re: [cdt-dev] Purpose of MIInferior class


MIInferior is the java.lang.Process that represents the gdb process itself, as opposed to the, say, the "Hello World" process the user is debugging.

You will see that the gdb process is represented in the Debug view. The model object associated with that view element is an MIInferior instance.

As for standalone documentation on the gdb/mi CDI reference implementation, there is none that I know of. Detailed low level documents is not something you're not going to come across very often in CDT, but I think that holds true for many projects. There are comments in the code, but admittedly, they are sparse. In a perfect world, committers would thoroughly document their classes/interfaces/methods. Often, though, the focus is on developing good software that performs, is well designed, and intuitive. If software meets those three criteria, engineers can often learn the design simply by studying the code. It's not an ideal situation, but it's something.


At 05:20 AM 12/3/2009, Nayna Jain wrote:
Hi all,

What is the purpose of MIInferior class in org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core ?

Is there any document which tells how the connection to gdb/mi is mapped in
our cdt debug model ?

Which class represents what ?

Thanks & Regards,
Nayna Jain

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