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RE: [cdt-dev] Indexing in 6.0.2

Hi Steve,
there should not be much of a difference between 6.0.1 and 6.0.2. Please raise a bug so that we can track the issue
until it is resolved.
It is unlikely that there is such a great differnece in the number of files actually parsed. It might be the case that we have a problem in counting the files, I'll need to double check. You can help by providing the following information:
How do the resulting databases (workspace/.metadata/.plugins/org.eclipse.cdt.core/*.pdom compare in size?
What's the exact version you have been testing with?
You can trace the application to figure out the exact sequence of files being parsed.
Tracing the CDT indexer:
* use command line option -debug <options-file>
* put the following in the options file:
# turns on tracing for the cdt-core plugin
# Reports sequence of files indexed
# Reports statistics for indexer
# Reports unresolved inclusions for indexer
# Reports scanner-problems for indexer (other than unresolved includes)
# Reports syntax-problems for indexer
# Reports problems for indexer, including inclusion-, scanner-, syntax- and resolution-problems.

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Subject: [cdt-dev] Indexing in 6.0.2
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I've been playing around with 6.0.2 integration builds because and I've noticed a couple of big differences in indexing behavior compared with 6.0.1:
- Increased heap usage in 6.0.2 during indexing
With 6.0.1, I could index my project with -Xmx400m.  In 6.0.2, I need -Xmx600m to avoid out of memory or horrible performance.  Any ideas why?
- Fewer headers are being indexed (same code base, same settings):
6.0.1: C/C++ Indexer: Project 'all' (2021 sources, 8072 headers)
6.0.2: C/C++ Indexer: Project 'all' (2021 sources, 3581 headers)
Since in neither case am I getting any inclusion errors, I'm wondering if in 6.0.1 the extra 4,500 header were being indexed unnecessarily?  "Index source files not included in the build" and "Index unused headers" are both unchecked in the Preferences.
Steve Kennedy

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