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[cdt-dev] Build System Take 2 (give or take)

Hey gang,

I've been working on my build system proposal up on the wiki. Please take a look and provide any comments you may have.

Again, the idea is to take a step back and define the ultimate build system for the CDT. If we can agree on one we like we can then decide whether we can evolve the current system to match or whether we need to start over. And even starting over, we will need a good backwards compatibility story to enable existing tool chain definitions to work with little change.

This is a work in progress, that I'll be adding to and adjusting based on feedback and things that come to me (e.g. added some thoughts on UI as I was writing this e-mail), so check back regularly. I am also prototyping the proposal in the* plug-ins that are in CVS now (under 'all').


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