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[cdt-dev] problems with ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile


I'm developing my own gcc-like toolchain (based on CDT GCC). It uses the special compiler "lsbcc" instead of "gcc". I know, that I also have to override scannerConfigDiscoveryProfileId attribute and use ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile extension point. I need to use the same ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile for "lsbcc", as for "gcc", except the "command" attribute (i.e. to replace "gcc" command with my special compiler command ("lsbcc")). So, it seems unnecessary to implement manually all interfaces ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile points to. I also can't import into my plug-in the classes that are used by standard GCC, because they use a lot of other internal classes.

So, the question is:
Is there a way to dynamically change "command" attribute for ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile? If there is no, then are there public default implementations of needed interfaces of ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile?

I use CDT 4.0.x, 5.0.x, 6.0.

Best regards,

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