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[cdt-dev] Problem with C/C++ indexer?


I'm unable to use code highlighting in the editor or hit F3 to find
definitions. When I try to do so, I get strange errors in the Error Log.
I pasted a sampling of the errors (Error log messages highlighted,
with the contents just below):

Currently running on a tarball of eclipse-cpp-galileo -- no updates
when I attempt to check for updates, so it's probably the latest
version. I'm on Fedora 10, x86_64.

So far problem only occurs when I attempt to create a Gnu C
Autotools project for a specific project (SystemTap). There has
 also been one occasion where everything builds fine and links fine
and I am able to take advantage of the CDT's editing
features, but after a few attempts to jump around the errors
started appearing again.

I was wondering if this is a known issue (that hopefully somebody
here can help with :)) and if I should file a bug report.

Thank you,

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