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[cdt-dev] Codan evolution


I just opened 2 issues on Codan - still it's still in a beta state, maybe 
I should have posted stuff here directly

Let me say Codan is a very exciting project - using the current version, I 
was quickly able to write naming convention rules in almost no time and 
run that on small projects - very amazing !

I saw in the "Future work" section from the design paper that it's planned 
to have a "User defined checker's preferences" - I know that at least one 
commercial C++ code static analyser tool integrated into Eclipse is useing 
custom rules written in Python, while Dehydra (not in Eclipse this one) 
was using Javascript rules.
I was thinking, would you be interested by an engine to run scripted rules 
? I'm thinking of the groovy language that would let experienced 
developers reuse the existing Javadoc  and the powerful Eclipse 
integration to write complex rules (with search inside index, etc.), while 
users would just have to modify the existing rules (say, to change a 
regexp for example). Big rules that do not require customization would 
still be written in pure Java though.

Besides, what would you say of a possibility to sort rules by "computation 
complexity" ? Some basic naming convention rules are easy to compute, but 
some complex rules (say, memory leak) may take time and you don't expect 
to have them launched each time you're pressing a key.

BTW, could we have the "Run Code Analysis" action running away from the UI 
thread ?


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