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[cdt-dev] Context based breakpoint annotation


In our debugger, I would like to make breakpoint decorations context sensitive. For example, the user sets a breakpoint on strcmp(). Such a breakpoint could be installed for any number of debug launches; but not necessarily for all of them. I would like for the UI to convey to the user, through breakpoint decorators, whether a breakpoint has been installed for the currently selected debug context.

Currently, if the breakpoint is installed for any of the launches, it is decorated with a check mark, without any more information which launch it applies to - and this decorator exists regardless of the currently selected debug context.

Before I go further down this path, I seek comments on whether the existing design would easily support this without a substantial rearchitecture. That does not seem to be the case from my review of the code thus far. But I would appreciate any input.

Daniel Friederich

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