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[cdt-dev] Need suggestions for analyzing and transforming C++ code

I have been using the AST for analyzing C++ code and now I would like to write a transformation program.


So the big question I have is “What techniques can I use?”


One way would be to crank up a visitor to visit all of the nodes in the compilation unit.  As you descend the tree, you process the nodes and then output them to a .h/.cpp file.  


I was wondering if there are other examples of transformations.  The refactoring functionality has to perform transformations.  So how do I find the action that handles the refactoring functions, say “rename”, so I can peruse the code?


The goal of the transformation is to take a .h/.cpp file as input, and re-factor each class into two separate classes: one that would contain modeled data and function members while the other would contain non-modeled artifacts.


Any help would be appreciated.



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