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[cdt-dev] Your thoughts on e4

Hey gang,
As you may expect, my latest blog posts have ruffled a few feathers. That's OK, it seems to be what I do.
At any rate, I'm going to meet with McQ and the e4 team in a couple of weeks and I'd like to represent the interests of the CDT community. Instead of me guessing what that is, I'd like to hear it from you. What is your interest in e4. Do you think you can commit to supporting CDT on a new e4 platform? Can you commit to working on the e4 platform? If not, what do we do with e4?
My blog speaks of fears, fears for what e4 will do to the stability of the CDT and the projects we integrate with and the commercial products we work on. Am I justified in those fears?
I'd like to devote the next CDT conf call on Aug 4 to this topic. Feel free to submit your comments here, or to me privately, or at the call. This is a pretty important matter and we need to deal with it now to ensure our voice is heard in the greater Eclipse community while it can still make a difference.

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