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Re: [cdt-dev] Cycling pound includes check?

I probably wasn't clear on what I was asking. Here is an example to make things more clear.
#include <File2.h>

#include <File1.h>

Compiler freaks about this and gives quite strange error, but this condition should be easy to spot just the way missing header files are spotted today.

Hope this is more clear.


On Fri, Jul 24, 2009 at 3:56 AM, Schorn, Markus <Markus.Schorn@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
it is legal and quite normal to include the same file in a translation unit mor than once. Issuing a warning about it
would not be the right thing to do.
Neither a compiler nor a parser has a reasonable way to check whether a recursive inclusion is handled properly 
within the header. It just has to perform the inclusion and typically aborts the process at a certain recursion depth.

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I have been hit several times lately with cycling pound includes in the code and unfriendliness of the compiler regarding the issues like that. The error shows up at the strange place and it takes a while to trace it down just to find out that someone included a header file that had it already included before.

Since CDT tells me right away if I have included header file that doesn't exist, could this circular check be added as well. From the high level it doesn't seem hard to do so, but things could be different down below.

Let me know!



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