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[cdt-dev] Plug-in projects

I’m new in the world of Java and Eclipse so the following two questions might sound beginners’ questions:



One can run 2 instances of Eclipse one for development and debug and second for running with the new plug-in (defined in development instance). While this works fine with sample plug-in projects I create, it fails to work for CDT plug-in projects.


I changed every appearance of 5.0.1.qualifier to in MANIFEST files of every plug-in project under org.eclipse.cdt. But while launching new eclipse application I see old versions of CDT plug-ins (those I have installed from the master).


What am I missing here? What is the set up needed for CDT plug-in compilation, launching, debugging?



The second question is: right clicking on any project and selecting project properties under org.eclipse.cdt gives only the following options: 1) Resorce, 2) CVS, 3) Run/Debug settings. That’s when the project properties of my sample plug-in projects in the same workspace contain many additional options (builders, java build path, java code style, java compiler, java editor, etc).


Where is the place that causes to the builders, java build path, java code style, java compiler, java editor, etc options  to disappear? (I have compared the .classpath and .project files of my sample plug-in project with one of the CDT plug-in project counterparts, but found nothing).


Thanks in advance,


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