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[cdt-dev] RE: New extension point for 6.0.1



I recently submitted a patch that lets other CDT debuggers with custom source lookup participants to contribute these participants to “C/C++/Debug/Common Source Lookup path” preference page.


The flexibility of Eclipse and CDT allows debuggers to be based on CDT and extend the stock CDT source lookup algorithms.

The only missing piece was I couldn’t add these custom source lookup participants through the CDT preference page.

The proposed extension point solves that.


Does anyone have comments on the patch - too risky, not complete, other ways to achieve the same, etc.?


Here is the thread with the initial discussion:


For us (TI) is enough the patch to be in the main branch since we won’t release off the CDT 6.0.1 branch.

But other debuggers based on CDT 6.0.1 could find the extension point useful.




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Dobrin submitted a patch that adds a new extension point. Is it acceptable for a minor version - 6.0.1? The patch doesn't break the current API, neither it extends it.





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