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[cdt-dev] Tracepoint feature

Title: Tracepoint feature


Work is currently being done to enhance GDB's tracepoint support.

I will be working on adding tracepoint support in DSF-GDB. 
I will focus on the new feature, but I will try make it work on the current
GDB tracepoint support also.  I could not find any previous public effort
to get this support working (for the original tracepoint feature of GDB),
so we have a new design.  The goal is to be able to control tracepoints
and view collected data using DSF-GDB.

I would welcome any suggestions or feedback from the community.
I will be opening a bugzilla about this work so that interested
parties can contribute with comments (or patches :-)).  I will put the
planned design as part of the bugzilla.

If anyone has preliminary support in the UI for tracepoints, I would
gladly base myself on any souce code contributions.

I will post to this list when the bugzilla will be opened, but I wanted
to give a heads up in case people already had comments.



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