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RE: [cdt-dev] Re: dsf examples: build_preprocess.xml

As a note, I think there is a similar problem in the DSF-GDB JUnit tests
where we use a TestAppBuilder.xml file to automatically build
our JUnit test applications.

To avoid having CVS want to create these all the time
I have set Preference->Team->Ignored Resources
to ignore *.exe (which our apps all end with).
But that won't work in your case, since the file end in .java
(and you don't want to exclude those :-))

But other people don't always set this preference and sometimes
the JUnit apps get checked-in by mistake.
I think a .cvsignore would be very nice for this case too.
I don't know much about CVS so I was not aware of this.


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> Hi John,
> Sorry I didn't get to reply to you the first time.  The 
> build-preprocess 
> in the examples is not really dependent on CDT (or DD), it's just a 
> trick to keep the example excercises and answers in the same source 
> files.  If it's a real problem, we could disable it in favor 
> of running 
> the pre-processor manually. (BTW, I find it pretty annoying 
> as well).  
> Also if I read the bug correctly, the main problem is the CVS 
> synchronization, so what if we added a .cvsignore to the correct 
> directories?
> Cheers,
> Pawel
> John Cortell wrote:
> > Pawel,
> >
> > Is build_preprocess.xml still necessary now that DSF is 
> part of CDT? 
> > It's resulting in the behavior I reported below:
> >
> >
> >
> > John
> >
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