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RE: [cdt-dev] Multicore support

Hi Bhavan,
this is a very interesting feature and I guess if falls into the Multi Context effort.
It would be nice to join efforts to make the multi context (multi-core) effort progress.
I'm trying to understand how multiple gdb sessions would make this work though.
I guess I'm not clear on what is meant by 'multi-core'.  GDB allows to debug a process,
so running multiple GDB would allow to debug multiple processes.  How does that fit
with cores?  Is a process restricted to a a single core in your OS?
One thing you may or may not be aware of is that GDB 7.0 (to be released in September)
will support Multi-Process debugging.  This means that with a single GDB you could
debug more than one process at the same time.  DSF-GDB already supports this.
Maybe this will be help your effort?

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We have discussed this use case in DSF-GDB in the past, but we have not pursued it since it hasn't been important to any of the committers or contributors.  If anyone would like to contribute some time and code for this feature I'd be happy to advise.


James Blackburn wrote:
Hi Bhavan,

And we think we need to create separate sessions of gdb to support multi
core debugging.

If we do so , does the debug view supports this? i.e. do we need to perform
any modifications in the debug view?
I got this working a while back using CDT's CDI. It was actually very
straightforward - a day's effort or so.  To get started I'd recommend
checking out the debug plugins and seeing how the built-in launches
work.  I don't remember the exact details, but my original post may
give you some clue:

I'm sure others will have ideas on how this can be done with DSF.


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