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Re: [cdt-dev] Running external tools with error parsing "org.eclipse.cdt.core.ErrorParser"

that sound pretty good to me. But, is it possible to combine this EPM approach with the console that is provided by the ExternalTools approach I described in my first post? I need both, the console output and the error parsing.

James Blackburn wrote on 2009-07-09 10:13:
Alternatively you can instantiate and use the ErrorParserManager
directly.  If you're not running your tools as part of a build then
this may be the way to go (it'll be faster as you don't lock the
workspace, perform unnecessary refreshes etc.). It's relatively
straightforward to attach and EPM to any outputstream:

			String[] errorParsers = "my_error_parsers";
			ErrorParserManager epm = new ErrorParserManager(currentProject,
defaultDirectory, MyMarkerGenerator, errorParsers);

See ManagedBuild's / the ErrorParser tests for more.

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