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[cdt-dev] API baselines

Now that development for 6.0.1 and 7.0 can proceed, how about we deal with API baselines again?
I've set it up for myself (see below on how to do this in 4.4 EASY steps).
I'm already getting errors in CDT HEAD :-)  That is not a big deal though.
The part I'm not comfortable is about changing the versions of the plugins.
Who can do this?  When should it be done?  What versions will we use?
To setup API baselines
1- download CDT 6.0 from
2- unzip the file
3- copy every CDT jar file from the unzipped plugins/ into some directory you have created
4- in eclipse do Preferences->Plugin Development->API baselines
    4.1 Click "Add baseline..."
    4.2 Call it what you want (e.g., CDT6.0)
    4.3 Click "Browse..." and select the directory where you put the CDT jar files, click "Finish"
    4.4 Make sure the new baseline has a checkmark next to it.  Click "OK"

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