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Re: [cdt-dev] DSF: cannot pause a program

2009/7/6 Doug Schaefer <cdtdoug@xxxxxxxxx>:
> Now from what I remember this is handled by using Windows Events to send a
> "signal" from the spawner.dll native to the starter.exe process which
> launches gdb. The starter does the CTRL_C_EVENT to itself to interrupt gdb.
> I think...

I had built starter.exe with debug info and tried to debug it. It
seems to work as expected: it tries to execute "kill -SIGINT pid",
where pid is the process ID, in my case of GDB (it does this because
it was detected as cygwin process).

I tried to do this manually: I started my Test.exe in gdb console and
tried both CTRL-C and kill -SIGINT.
CTRL-C pressed in console works good, whereas kill does not work!

I verified kill -SIGINT with few cygwin utilities (like python, top) -
it works: these processes terminate upon receiving this signal.
Also, GDB seems to receive it when there is no program running: it shows
(gdb) Quit

I believe my memories about working suspend are related to GDB 6.6
that I was before 6.8.


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