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Re: [cdt-dev] Cross-language navigation

Thanks for your quick answer.
I'm working with Quentin Ochem from Adacore. I'm an intern there.

If we wanted to do such a thing, what would be the best way? For example, we could provide a kind of a registry with some getter methods that will ask a provider of each language in a project for a particular name or signature.

What do you think about it? Does it worth it?


Doug Schaefer wrote:
I'd love to see something like this for JDT/CDT to navigate back and forth to native methods. This is probably similar to what you are hoping for. I don't think there's anything there now. This may require a new extension point, similar to the content assist provider. I don't think anyone is working on that, though. Doug. On Mon, Jul 6, 2009 at 12:22 PM, Nicolas Musset <musset@xxxxxxxxxxx <mailto:musset@xxxxxxxxxxx>> wrote:


    I started working on a cross-language navigation between C and
    Ada. I use the plugin GNATbench by Adacore.

    On one hand Ada to C navigation works fine because my Ada project
    knows about CDT (a CDT project is associated with the Ada
    project), and I can use PDOMManager and IIndex to find the
    corresponding binding with its name.
    On the other hand, CDT does not know about my Ada Project. So if I
    Ctrl-click on a function defined as "extern", nothing happens. I
    don't know how to tell Eclipse to go to the corresponding Ada
    source file.

    Do you have any idea to do so? Is there some extension points that
    I can use? Since Ada is not a C-like language, it may be not possible!


    Nicolas Musset
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