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[cdt-dev] new launch configuration is not populated with values

I am developing a plugin which will launch the users project if an launch configuration is available, if none is available it will open the "Run/Debug settings" property window. The problem is when I press the "New..." button and choose "C/C++ Local Application" the fields "Name" is filled with "New_configuration" and "Project" and "C/++ Application" are empty.

I want the filed to be filled with the same information as if I had opened the property page from Project -> Properties -> Run/Debug Settings.

I open the property page with the following commando:

PreferencesUtil.createPropertyDialogOn(shell, project, propertyPageId, displayedIds, data);

Where data = "" project is of type IProject, displayedIds = and displayedIds = null

I assume I need pass some information via data, but I do not know what. Any hints would be appreciated!

The plugin is developed to work with eclipse 3.4 and CDT 5 at the moment.


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