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RE: [cdt-dev] pulling in extern definitions with CDT parser

while the parser corresponds to a compiler, the index corresponds to a
So definitions can be found via 
   IIndex.findDefinitions(IBinding binding) 



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> Subject: [cdt-dev] pulling in extern definitions with CDT parser
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> I am currently working on developing a simple 
> source-to-source transformation tool using CDT.  I've managed 
> to pull the parser component out of CDT as a standalone tool 
> (so that we don't have to rely on Eclipse).  Namely, whereas 
> before the AST had to be retrieved in the following way:
> ITranslationUnit tu = (ITranslationUnit)selected; 
> IASTTranslationUnit ast = tu.getAST();
> Now, the AST is retrieved through a standalone parser, whose 
> getAST() is a slightly modified, almost identical version, of
> ITranslationUnit.getAST():
> StandaloneCParser parser = new StandaloneCParser("c:\\foo.c", 
> tu); IASTTranslationUnit astTu = parser.getAST();
> The parser is able to resolve bindings to definitions in 
> header files (e.g. foo.h), but isn't able to do so for 
> "extern" declarations, whose actual definitions are located 
> in other .c files (e.g. bar.c).  For example, if foo.c calls 
> a method called "barMethod()" that is declared as "extern 
> void barMethod();" in foo.h and actually defined in bar.c, 
> calling IASTName.resolveBinding() on "barMethod()" name 
> returns a CFunction whose CFunction.getDefinition() returns null.
> Does CDT provide a mechanism for linking, so that these 
> external definitions can be pulled in automatically?  If not, 
> what do you recommend for connecting these various files 
> together?  I know CDT is more of an IDE tool than a 
> traditional parser/compiler, but I've found it very useful 
> and I'd like to keep using it if possible.
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