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[cdt-dev] Difference between environment variables set programmatically vs UI

Hi all,

What is the difference between build environment variables set
programmatically and those which are visible in C/C++ Project Properties ->
C/C++ Build -> Environment.

Actually I am passing some of the environment variables programmatically.
which are available in UI Project Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Environment.


I am passing $PATHSEP environment variable programmatically which has value
as colon i.e. ":". In Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Environment also it is
shown as PATHSEP=":". But when actually build takes place this environment
variable values gets replaced by "". i.e. empty string.

However if the delimeter variable value which is used in
BuildEnvironmentVariable class is set as " ". Then this replacement during
build doesn't happen.
I am not sure why this is happening.

One more thing is that I have put getOperation() value as ENVVAR_REPLACE.
Still in UI i.e. Properties -> C/C++ Build -> Environment tab it shows
radio button marked as "Append Variables to the native environment". Why
does these two act differently ?

Can someone please explain the importance of delimeter variable in
IBuildEnvironmentVariable. I have sent mail for similar issue earliar also
but not getting replies.
So, please let me know if someone is aware how to solve.

Thanks & Regards, - Nayna Jain

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