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[cdt-dev] Avoiding second console in CDT debugger?

I'm writing a new debugger adapter (for extension point org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core.CDebugger), to connect via a modified gdb to a remote embedded target. First I tried with the GDB hardware debugger extension, but that did not work: Out gdb does not need any "target ..." command, it automatically connects with the right remote protocol. So I switched to an own debugger plugin that is based on the "local C++ app"

Everything works fine so far, with one exception:
After the debug perspective is loaded, there are always TWO consoles allocated, one for the communication with the gdb, and one to show stdout of the debugged process. That makes sense for a local application, but in our case we can never receive anything from the debugged executable. It is running on a different machine, and has no stdout concept at all.

So I would like to avoid this stdout console, it only confuses the users (it's always empty), and we want to have the gdb console in view at all times. I could not find a way to do that. Any pointers where I could change that behaviour?


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