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[cdt-dev] CDT 6 Galileo is a go

Hey gang,

The Galileo Release Review which includes CDT 6.0 has passed all legal requirements to release. I've just gone through and cleaned up the remaining legal notices and such and we're good to go. Friday should be the last build and I'll do my inspection one more time to ensure I got everything. There have been no fixes since Monday's build according to the CVS logs. Hopefully that'll stay that way (hint, hint ;). We'll branch as soon as we can declare that build ready so the bug fixing can continue towards 6.0.1 in September.

I'm going to take this opportunity to thank all the committers and contributors to the CDT for their great work. CDT 6 has reached all expectations I've ever had for the CDT and for that I'm proud of you all, including the ones who aren't here anymore. There's still work to do of course, and the next release will be even better and I'm looking forward to helping with that.

Congrats, and enjoy a beer for me :)

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