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RE: [cdt-dev] Interfacing Eclipse Workbench UI with GNUdebuggerfunctions

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> Hi Marc,
> * Marc Khouzam <marc.khouzam@xxxxxxxxxxxx> [2009-06-09 16:21]:
> > DSF or CDI?
> Which one would you recommend for someone adding new 
> functionality?  

Hi Andrew,

I guess it depends how much 'future-proof' you need to be.
All new features of GDB (Non-Stop, Multi-process, Reverse)
are all done in DSF-GDB.  There is no plan that I know of
to add these in CDI.  So if you want those features for free
(assuming you are going to be using GDB 7.0 to be released
end of summer), you should go for DSF-GDB.

> Are there advantages/trade-offs with either one?

I can't really speak about CDI much as I don't know it.
However, the plan, as I undertand it, is that DSF-GDB will 
eventually become the main debugger of the CDT.
I believe most future work will be done in DSF-GDB.
Also, new integrations are being done more and more with DSF.

So, I would recommend DSF and DSF-GDB.

If anyone else wants to add to this or correct me, please
feel free.



> Andrew
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