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[cdt-dev] DSF Variable-Expression API Question

Title: DSF Variable-_expression_ API Question
DSF folks,

I’m working on getting local variables to show up in the Variables View. After getting the list of variables from the symbol data I produce a list of IVariableDMData from iStack.getLocals. These seem to get consumed by the code in VariableVMNode. GetLocalsUpdateElementsInSessionThread. For each of them it asks for their name and then calls the _expression_ service to create a new _expression_ from that name. The resulting ExpressionsDMCs are then used to drive the view.

This bothers me because I’m first getting the information about all the variables for a stack frame and handing their names to the _expression_ service which will then look them up all over again in order to evaluate the expressions. I can do some smart caching to reduce the impact of this but it seems like there ought to be more direct route from iStack.getLocals to the list of ExpressionDMCs that are eventually used, maybe a way to create an ExpressionDMC directly from a VariableDMC?

Please let me know if I’m missing something.



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