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[cdt-dev] Error Parser Improvements for 6.0 -- potential API breakage / addition

Dear All,

We've been doing a fair bit of work (one might say too much!) on the
Error Parser Manager for 6.0 . It's now simpler, handles linked
resources better and is well documented!

Unfortunately it still doesn't handle EFS resources properly, and in
particular if a parsed path is ambiguous the Error marker is set on
the Project (as in CDT 5).

Bug 269023 :
aims to address this.

Unfortunately one of the patches is API breaking (in a very minor way):
	URI getDefaultBuildDirLocationURI();
is added to org.eclipse.cdt.managedbuilder.buildmodel.IBuildDescription
in managedbuilder.core.  This method complements the IPath method

In addition to this URI ErrorParserManager adds a URI constructor:
	public ErrorParserManager(IProject project, URI baseDirectoryURI,
IMarkerGenerator markerGenerator, String[] parsersIDs);
And associated URI push / pop methods which mirror the IPath based
methods.  Consumers can continue using Error Parser as they did
before, or use the new URI methods if they wish (relative IPaths are
made relative to the base URI of the current working directory).

What do people think about making this change in CDT 6?  From a risk
perspective the changes made in EPM are API compatible, the change
made in managebuilder.core isn't, but is trivial to resolve...



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