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RE: [cdt-dev] CDT 6 Release Review slides

no additions that I can think of.
But I think (as Elena mentionned) that we should udpate the N&N.  I was wondering if all the DSF/DSF-GDB
features that were not part of CDI/CDI-GDB should be added?  Pawel wrote a very nice N&N for DSDP/DD
for Ganymede, but since we moved to CDT, should we include it in the CDT 6.0 N&N?
You can see it at
Thanks for you input on this

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Subject: [cdt-dev] CDT 6 Release Review slides

Hey gang,

I am putting together the CDT 6.0 Release Review slides. I have the first draft attached here. Please let me know if there are any changes/additions to make. I need to get these in today, so if you let me know as soon as possible.


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