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[cdt-dev] Re: [Bug 264715] We need error parsers to locate all files from error output properly

Hi All,

We had a quick brainstorm about generating markers for build output
for the case of remote builds using RDT, and how this might interact
with e4 style flexible resources (effectively glorified linked
resources).  I don't think there's much of issue apart from: make
ErrorParserManager support URIs.

I've added some detail to the EFS wiki : adding two sections:
1.1.1 FileStore layers & 1.4 Implementation Assumptions.

This documents what was discussed. i.e. converting IResources to paths
for the builder (which is done now) & the reverse: converting Tool
output paths to IResources.

The approach outlined is that any IResource may be linked, and may
point to an arbitrary EFS URI.  The EFS URIs, are assumed to map to a
filesystem tree of the same structure (this assumption is currently
made by the RDT tools and elsewhere).    The job is then converting
Console output paths to locationURIs to resolve.

This approach allows fully flexible IResource trees (using Serge's e4
work for ease + a few minor tweaks to ManagedBuild), and is working
well here.  I see no reason why this shouldn't work nicely with RDT as
it does for local file systems.

Feel free to edit / bring up issues you think I may have missed.



2009/5/28 Andrew Gvozdev <>:

> On Thu, May 28, 2009 at 9:53 AM, James Blackburn <jamesblackburn@xxxxxxxxx>
> wrote:
>> There are a couple of things that I'm not sure are clear that I'd like
>> to talk through with Chris -- to'ing and fro'ing is a bit painful.  I
>> promise to type up the different cases to the Wiki.
>> James
>> 2009/5/28 Andrew Gvozdev <>:
>> > It's being going on for a week already with no end in sight. I have
>> > enough
>> > time for email or chat but a call is very problematic. Can we do email
>> > conference? This would provide documented use cases as a bonus.
>> > Andrew
>> >>
>> >> My schedule is pretty bad. Got one of slow moving crises in war room
>> >> where
>> >> people work ineffectively together. Not sure if I can manage.
>> >>
>> >>
>> >>>
>> >>> Ok. Can we re-use the normal CDT number at 10 your time (3 UK time) --
>> >>> 1h15mish
>> >>> from now? If not, pick a time and a place and I'll dial in.  Andrew
>> >>> can
>> >>> you
>> >>> dial in as well?
>> >>>
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