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[cdt-dev] [DSF] Licensing the PDA example under the EDL?


                Hi All,


                Recently I happened across Mike Milinkovich’s blog where he outlines some recent changes to available license choices for example code. In particular it looks like it’s now permissible for examples to be licensed under the Eclipse Distribution License (EDL) as well as the EPL.  Recently my team has been working to port our debugger framework to DSF and we’ve come to the conclusion that the only accurate source of documentation seems to be the PDA example.  Trying to guess our way into a functional implementation without using the example code as a base is turning out to be daunting almost to the point of hopelessness and trying to understand the implications of partitioning “our” code with different license types in our end product is making the lawyers nervous.  If I’m in this boat then I also imagine that other companies are struggling with the same adoption issues elsewhere.  We’d dearly love to migrate to DSF but the fact that it can’t be reasonably done without also giving us a say in the license process seems to be hindering adoption to some extent.


                I’m curious as to what peoples thoughts are regarding licensing the PDA example under the EDL or even dual licensing under a combined EPL/EDL?  It strikes me as a great way to help encourage wider adoption of the DSF.





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