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[cdt-dev] CDT 6.0 Countdown

Keeping with tradition, here's the list of bugs we have remaining for CDT 6.0. I believe we only have two weeks left so please take a look if you are the Assignee of one of these. I have created a 7.0 milestone (it may take a few minutes to show up), if you want to move anything to the next release.

18 bugs found.
ID Sev Pri Assignee Status Resolution OS Summary
216618 nor P3 Alena Laskavaia ASSI
Wind Format action does not appear for 1st level items in Expressions View
247948 nor P3 Alena Laskavaia NEW
Linu Linked Resources: Having hit breakpoint debugger shows the wrong source
249331 maj P3 Alena Laskavaia ASSI
Wind GUI hangs, deadlock in worker threads from org.eclipse.cdt.debug.core/org.eclipse.cdt.debug.mi.core
264998 nor P3 Alena Laskavaia REOP
Wind The GCCSpecsConsoleParser class is not picking up macro definitions with parameters correctly
199209 nor P3 Chris Recoskie ASSI
Wind poor performances managing and saving build infos
205257 nor P3 Chris Recoskie NEW
Wind CDTProject creation scalability issue
234860 maj P3 Chris Recoskie REOP
All New Project Wizard using "folders" for project type selection is totally unintuitive
238421 blo P3 Chris Recoskie NEW
Linu Core CDT Project Configuration / Description is not scalable
258385 nor P3 Chris Recoskie NEW
All xlC error parser is confused by multiple files with the same name
268800 maj P3 Chris Recoskie NEW
All internal builder does not use commandLauncher from buildDefinitions extension point
277533 nor P3 Chris Recoskie ASSI
Wind All references to ManagedBuildManager.SETTINGS_FILE_NAME should be updated
262670 enh P3 Emanuel Graf NEW
All Added test suites to refactoring packages to ease test development, debugging
203240 cri P3 James Blackburn REOP
Wind Permission of .cproject file seems not to be considered anywhere on writing data
196297 maj P3 Ken Ryall ASSI
Wind CDT hides original exception yielding non-sensical error message
253744 nor P3 Ken Ryall NEW
Wind [Import executable wizard] Redundant editor is opened when execution stops at breakpoint
271391 nor P3 Ken Ryall ASSI
Linu Import executable wizard doesn't find executables on linux-ppc-gtk
265181 nor P3 Marc Khouzam ASSI
Linu [run control] Cleanup after failed runcontrol command
265882 nor P3 Randy Rohrbach NEW
Wind Some service interfaces need cleanup

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