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Re: Headless build [was Re: [cdt-dev] RIP Wascana, Build System discussion]

James Blackburn wrote:
Well, Bugzilla is a really lousy way of storing documentation. You pretty
much guarantee that no one will find it unless they know exactly where it

I agree. Documentation patches are appreciated :)

One problem is that there seems to be a general consensus here that Bugzilla is a good place to store design documentation, which I think is a really lousy idea. Maybe while the documentation is being produced, but using Bugzilla as a sort of DMS.

The general feeling I have is that documentation is considered (both in CDT but even in the open-source community in general) something boring which can be delayed until after release and left for others to contribute. In fact, the lack of documentation in some places is a real hindrance to CDT adoption.

I understand that fixing the current state of CDT being badly documented requires a substantial effort to fix, and that CDT is seriously understaffed. The problem is that things will only get worse unless all newly developed code and new features have some form of documentation requirement. Do they? Otherwise, the amount of undocumented features and code will only continue to grow.


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