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Re: [cdt-dev] No Discovery profiles in CDT 5.0.2

Where you are looking for this in project properties or in workspace preferences? Before it was showing some configurations which it not suppose to show,
and it was fixed. Are you sure you need this one? Search bugzilla there were couple of prs about it targeting 5.0.2.

Tomljenovic Marko (G2/PJ-PMT1) wrote:
Hello all,
Are there no default discovery profiles any more in CDT 5.0.2?
Before switching to 5.0.2 (from 5.0.0) there was the profile "GCC per project scanner info profile" but now it is gone! Does anybody has an explanation for this? Thank you Greets Marko Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards *Marko Tomljenovic * Robert Bosch GmbH
Automotive Software Engineering Standardization
Integrated Development Environment Group Postfach 30 02 20
70442 Stuttgart
Tel. 0711-811-54830 <mailto:Marko.Tomljenovic@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
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