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[cdt-dev] IProject#build does not throw exception on build failure

I'm trying to adapt the managedbuilder toolchain tests to our toolchain implementation, and attempted to generate a small project, build it and make sure it fails under certain conditions. The test method looks like this:

    public void testBuild() throws CoreException {
        IProject project = ManagedBuildTestHelper.createProject(PROJECT_NAME,

        ManagedBuildTestHelper.createFile(project, C_SRC_NAME);
        // IManagedBuildInfo info = ManagedBuildManager.getBuildInfo(project);
        // IConfiguration cfg = info.getManagedProject().getConfigurations()[0];, null);
        project.refreshLocal(IResource.DEPTH_INFINITE, null);
        IResource res = project.findMember(C_OBJ_NAME);


The build() method in IProject is documented to throw a CoreException if the build fails, but nothing is thrown, but stepping through the code shows that the build does fail.

Is this a (known) bug?


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