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Re: [cdt-dev] RIP Wascana, Build System discussion

Chris Recoskie wrote:
I think your statement that there is little commercial interest in managed build is wrong.

We use it in our commercial products, but we're a small company compared
to some/most.  :)

I think the problem is that the design and implementation were
half-baked in a lot of places, and revolved so heavily around the GNU
tools that it's hard to get it to work for anything else.

Yes, and it's almost entirely in the plugin.xml, so there's not much in
the way of javadoc or type information to indicate what you have done
wrong (in the extremely likely event of making a mistake).  It also
makes the huge assumption that everything is an external tool to be
spawned and no part of the build process happens in Java/Eclipse itself.

To my mind, it would be better as a framework of simple Java classes
that are referenced in plugin.xml.  This would be much easier to work
with and extend.

I'm not planning to drop MBS any time soon. Gut it? Maybe. If
anything I'd like to eventually drop makefile generation as a
feature, but last time I suggested that, there was practically a

Total agreement from me, the MBS and internal builder are very useful.


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