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[cdt-dev] Some problems with C-Indexer

Hello, all!

I've noticed, that in some cases I can't receive IASTName for C/C++ tokens from IASTTranslationUnit (I don't mean "int", "double", "return" etc).
I use the following method:

IASTName searchName = ast.getNodeSelector(null).findEnclosingName(textSelection.getOffset(), textSelection.getLength());

and in most cases it works fine. But when I switch to another tab or open new tab, I get then searchName == null FOR ANY token in this file. Then, I have to restart test (or debug) Eclipse instance, and then it works fine again. Until next tab.
Is it a bug or I do something wrong?

I think, that in these cases C-Indexer doesn't parse opened files. Then, is there way to launch C-Indexer manually?

Best regards,

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