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[cdt-dev] Custom MBS toolchain, compatibility with Gnu Make Builder


I am having problems regarding compatibility of our toolchain with the
Gnu Make Builder under win32.

I have both Cygwin and GnuWin32 make versions installed and available in
the path.

When such builder is selected in the toolchain editor, makefiles are
correctly generated (apparently) by invoking the
IManagedDependencyGenerator2 implementation defined by our toolchain.

When building, the first make version mentioned in the path is invoked.
Both GnuWin32 and Cygwin make are unable to build, respectively for
multiple argument parsing problems or makefile format incompatibility
(make gives a "target pattern contains no `%'" error).

Building with CDT Internal Builder works correctly.

Gcc-based toolchains build fine with Gnu Make Builder both with GnuWin32
and Cygwin, and apparently are able to select (?) and invoke the correct
version of make, having generated makefiles in the correct format.

I would like to know more about the relations between the MBS toolchain
definition, the generated makefile structure, and the actual tool

*Which MBS classes should I look at? 

*How can I associate a custom MBS toolchain with a specific Make



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