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[cdt-dev] Trying to implement a scanner configuration discovery profile

                Hi all,


                Currently I’m trying to implement a plugin that adds built-in include paths, library paths and preprocessor definitions to the Paths and Symbols preference page in our CDT based product (currently developing against 6.0 M6).  From the (likely outdated) documentation that I’ve been able to find it seems like extending the org.eclipse.cdt.make.core.ScannerConfigurationDiscoveryProfile extension point and providing my own implementation of IScannerInfoCollector and IScannerInfoProvider is the way to go.


                Having done that I can see that my provider is being called appropriately and is adding the correct information to the collector.  The problem that I’m seeing is that at no point is IScannerInfoCollector.getCollectedScannerInfo() ever called.  Grepping through the entire CDT source tree seems to reveal that there are only two instances of this method being called, both of which are in internal GCC related implementations and neither of which are actually asking for ScannerInfoTypes.INCLUDE_PATHS or ScannerInfoTypes.SYMBOL_DEFINITIONS.


                Has this mechanism been deprecated or is there maybe something else that I’m missing?  Does anyone know of a better way to accomplish this?




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