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[cdt-dev] Question about toolchains

I'm trying to get my head around toolchain support for Objective C (largely so that I can add a -framework option to the linker) and have it set up with a project when it's created.

I'm re-using the CDT new project wizard at the moment. The "Project Type->Executable" only lists the built-in toolchains (if I have 'show project types and toolchains only if they are supported), whereas I can see the Objective C toolchain if I go into 'makefile project'.

What I don't understand is why, if I create an 'Executable - Empty Project - MacOSX GCC' project, then switch the toolchain over to 'Objective C toolchain', I can see the tool configuration options when I right-click on the project and go to C/C++ build - Settings' menu - whereas when I create a 'Makefile Project - Objective C Toolchain' and go to the 'C/C++ build - settings' menu, none of the settings are available. It seems that which type of project you initially select from the list determines whether these settings are available or not.

Note that this doesn't appear to be an issue with the Objective-C toolchain; if I create a new Executable/MacOSX GCC then I see the settings, and if I create a Makefile/MacOSX GCC then I don't see the settings. So it seems to be independent of what the toolchain actually is.

This could of course be a complete misunderstanding on my part, but I don't see what determines whether these items are shown or not.


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