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[cdt-dev] code-completion/content assist doesn not work correctly


i am using Eclipse C/C++ Development Tooling Source Code

i think code-completion does not work correctly.

i have added alle necessary directories to the project's "Includes".
because of that i have no syntax-errors shown in the editor, and if i select any 
object/variable and select "Open Declaration" in the popup-context-menu it 
works and shows me the correct code.

but if i select an std:: object/variable (for example a std::string variable) it 
does'n show me all the available methods from this obejcts (for 
example "substring", "compare", "apped" for a sring variable).

this only works with my self-made classes/objects.

what did i wrong?
what do i have to do/change/setup?

i hope somebody can help me.
einen schönen Tag noch
DI Rainer Klier
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