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[cdt-dev] Bug Dependency Calculator

I defined the following toolchain:

Tool 1
- Input A with the DefaultGCCDependencyCalculator2
- Input B with No dependency calculator
- Output A1

- Input A1with No dependency calculator
- Input A with the DefaultGCCDependencyCalculator2
- Output C

The first time the makefile is generated with these tools, the
following toolchain is produced :
 input A => Tool 1 => Ouput A1/Input A1 => Tool 2 => Output C
In this case, the dependency calculator is well applyed on the input A
of the Tool1.

Now I removed the "Tool1" from my toolchain, and I generate the new
makefile, the following toolchain is produced:
 input A => Tool2 => Output C
But this time the dependency calculator is not applyed and the rules
is not generated in the makefile. ( the "-MP -MF"$(@:%.o=%.d)"
-MT"$(@:%.o=%.d)" string doens't appear)

If I open the ".cproject" file and remove all the lines with "<input
.." and i generate again the makefile in the same condition, the
dependency calculator is applyed ...

Have you already seen this bug ?

Best Regards

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