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[cdt-dev] Problems under Mingw

Hi all in this thread,

I maintain a personal distribution of mingw compiled packages. I installed and Eclipse Ganymede reports that

the configuration support is not installed on the system (Debug configuration)

Moreover the Mingw GCC is not supported as I can see in

"show project types and toolchains only if they are supported on the platform" when I create a project.

I use an MSYS/MINGW combination (which personally I find reasonable). I use tdm-gcc 4.3.3 and the very latest packages from MSYS.


are on my path (as they should)

I would like to comment that I believe there should exist only an MSYS/MINGW toolchain option where paths like
It makes sense because MSYS make is compatible with normal make

d:\winoss\msys\local\include should propagate like /d/winoss/msys/local/include to the compiler ( I believe not very difficult)

I do not have configuration problems with Codeblocks (except from code-completion) so I do not believe I have messed up my system.

If you need more details please tell me.

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