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RE: [cdt-dev] CElementInfo data lost in CElement

I assume you are caching ICElements from a working copy (IWorkingCopy). Those elements become invalid during a reconcile operation (when the file is modified in the editor).
You should use ICElements from the "original" ITranslationUnit if possible.

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Subject: [cdt-dev] CElementInfo data lost in CElement

I am querying and caching the project ICElements in my app. From time to time whenever a change is made to the project (in terms of changes to the CPP source), I see in the getelementInfo call of CElement that the CElementInfo is  null and hence a new CElementInfo object is created and returned. This new info object doesn't contain certain data I am looking for (like source info ).

How to get access to the newly created CElements? Or is there a way to update the info object contents correctly using a CDT utility?

Specifically speaking, I am looking at the IMethodDeclaration object and I see that fields like getSource, isStatic, isVirtual, etc do not reflect correct data whenever a change is made to the source.


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