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[cdt-dev] No correlation between build and run configurations

I've had some complaints about build/run configurations in CDT and
after some thought, raised the following bug into our internal bug
tracker. I thought the best way to ask this question was to copy the
text from my bug into this mail!


*** No correlation between build and run configurations ***

There is no link inside CDT between build and run configurations. This means
that if you attempt to launch a run configuration, the binary that will be
rebuilt (if needed) corresponds only to the active build configuration, which
may be different from that which generated the binary you wish to run.

For example, you may have 2 binaries, debug and release. A run configuration
may point to the debug binary, whilst the current active build configuration is
set to release. When that run configuration is launched and the source has
changed, the release binary, rather than the debug binary will be rebuilt.

Currently the launch configuration only stores the path to the binary to be run
(presumably since this could be an externally built binary). Some correlation
between the configuration which built the binary, and the run config is needed.

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