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RE: [cdt-dev] GDB, Terminate, and project refresh(es)


Could there be an option to not do a refresh on terminate? (i.e. the
user "promises" that things won't change)

Any idea why 2 refreshes are done?

The context for the question is a user with a really large project (in
clearcase) where a refresh is a very long operation and needs to be
avoided if at all possible.  We have already added a "project migrate"
capability so that the project can be created by migrating from a
reference project into a developers project and the traditional refresh
is not performed. Instead, the refresh info from the reference project
is captured and used in the developers project. This saved considerable
time when the project was created but now there are other refreshes
being done and as you say, this is a huge source of frustration.

So far, when making a simple "hello" project and debugging it locally, I
see 3 refreshes. The first is when the project is being started and
seems to be part of a build. (is there a way to turn this off?) The
other 2 are associated with the Terminate.

Your suggestions of making the refreshes less obnoxious sound like a
good idea. Having options to control how many are being asked for,
especially refreshes at the project level, also seem desirable.



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For the same reason that proejct refresh occurs at the end of a build
-- running external tools may change the underlying project on disk.

This seems to be a huge source of frustration for users.  On Linux, in
particular, Eclipse can quickly get out of sync with the filesystem -- I
frequently see the "Resource is out of sync with filesystem" error in
the editor on open (and yes, I do have automatically refresh workspace
on). The fix is a manual refresh of that file -- why the editor can't do
this for me (or ignore the sync bits) is beyond me.
[I've filed & commented on bugs to this effect and the Platform guys
don't seem to get that there's a usability issue.]

What would be neat is some API to say:
Schedule a refresh of this sub-tree, it may have changed, but do the
best effort as a separate Job.  By best effort I mean don't block
anything else that may want to lock resources or run with resource
scheduling rules. And if a Job tries to run with a scheduling rule, then
let the Job preempt the refresh.

That platform already does something like this for auto-build. If an
auto-build is running when you do with some scheduling
rule it will interrupt it. It would surely be possible to extend /
improve the RefreshManager to be user (ISV) driven.  (Taking a quick
look at the code, RefreshManager.refresh(IResource) already exists but
this Manager is currently internal...)

Of course there are valid reasons for running the refresh in the current
thread. For example at the end of build it's used for creating the
resource delta for the next build. [Though this might be breaking for
other reasons -- allowing builds to run with less than workspace root
scheduling rule...]

It seems that a lot of places where we do IResource.refreshLocal(...) in
the current thread, with the current locks, would be better deferred and
scheduled to the background best effort?

Does anyone have any thoughts on this?


2009/2/12 Pruitt, John <john.pruitt@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>:
> In
> org.eclipse.cdt.launch/src/org/eclipse/cdt/launch/internal/ui/LaunchUI
> there is a function called handleDebugEvents. If the event

> is a TERMINATE for a Process-like object, it looks like it does a 
> refresh of the project associated with the process being terminated.
> When a simple project like hello is started with run->debug using GDB 
> and then a "Terminate and Relaunch" action is chosen on this process, 
> there appear to be two TERMINATE events created for Process-like 
> objects. These two events are created at:
> RuntimeProcess.fireTerminateEvent
> GDBProcess.fireTerminateEvent
> I was wondering about two things.
> 1. Why is a project refreshed when a debug Terminate action is chosen?
> 2. Why is the project refreshed twice?
> Thanks.
> John Pruitt
> Wind River Systems
> 630-971-6430
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