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[cdt-dev] 0.1.0 released!

We are proud to announce the first release of the Linux Tools project,
version 0.1.0.  It is available now from  Our update site URL is:

Originally focused largely on Linux distribution packaging issues related
to Eclipse components, this project has evolved to become what we hope will
be the central place for the development of tools to create a full-featured
IDE for Linux developers.  These tools will include:

  * memory and call profiling tools
  * tools to integrate common build systems with the CDT's build
  * bridges between common API documentation and the CDT's hover help
    mechanism for both C and C++
  * Linux packaging tools including an RPM specfile editor
  * unit testing and code coverage tools
  * local/remote tracing via SystemTap and other frameworks

We have not forgotten our roots, though, and continue to try to lower
barriers to entry for Eclipse technology going into Linux distributions.

This 0.1 release includes:

  * GNU Autotools integration with the CDT's build system
  * an RPM specfile editor
  * a ChangeLog editor and tools to automatically generate entries
  * single-click profiling with OProfile and integration with source code
  * a tool to ease packaging of Eclipse plugins as RPMs
  * a rich editor for SystemTap scripts
  * single-click profiling with Valgrind including source code
    integration and massif and memcheck support

Our new and noteworthy page contains screenshots and items of interest:

We encourage people to try out this release and offer us feedback.  Being
our 0.1.0 release, you may run into bugs.  If so, please file them here:  We are
always listening for feedback on our newsgroup and mailing list.  As usual,
contributions are always welcome!

Thanks to our development team for working hard to get this release ready.

Alphonse van Assche
Elliott Baron
Jeff Johnston
Alex Kurtakov
Phil Muldoon
Andrew Overholt
Kent Sebastian

Looking forward to 0.2,


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