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[cdt-dev] 5.0.2 Countdown

Speaking of 5.0.2 bugs, here's the current list:
ID Sev Pri OS Assignee Status Resolution Summary
240558 nor P3 Wind andrew.ferguson@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW Doxygen comment generator doesn't recognize void parameter properly
242095 nor P3 Wind andrew.ferguson@xxxxxxxxxxx NEW doxygen documentation tool supports inserts lines with linefeed only on Windows platform
234860 maj P3 All recoskie@xxxxxxxxxx REOP New Project Wizard using "folders" for project type selection is totally unintuitive
237176 nor P3 All recoskie@xxxxxxxxxx REOP XL C/C++ Compiler Preferences page is annoying
219659 nor P3 Wind doug.schaefer@xxxxxxxxxxxxx NEW mingw toolchain defined using internal builder
246201 nor P3 Linu ken.ryall@xxxxxxxxx ASSI Launch error when exe needs to be rebuilt.
I assume the Andrew ones aren't going to get done. I have a feeling mine isn't either.

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