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RE: [cdt-dev] Where is the latest build.

And for the new guys ;), the cdt-master zip is an archived update site. Install it using the Software Updates tool. Don't just unzip it.

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Subject: Re: [cdt-dev] Where is the latest build.

We actually build weekly on Friday mornings.

If you want to try a build with DSF, give this a try:

Tomorrow morning's build will have DSF in it as well.


Vivian Kong
IBM Eclipse CDT
IBM Canada Toronto Lab

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01/29/2009 04:41 PM


[cdt-dev] Where is the latest build.

Hi folks

Probably a stupid question. Does CDT build everynight. I wanted to the latest including the DSF stuff.
This is the link I used. The cdt-master zip file there is

which is 6 days ago.

Am I looking in the wrong place.

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